Bid/RFP Results

IFB 18-05 Outfitting for Law Enforcement Vehicles for Sheriff Department

IFB 18-06  N York Street Sewer CDBG Project

IFB 19-05 Cattle Guard Materials, Construction and Maintenance

IFB 20-01 Annual Road Construction and Maintenance

RFP 19-02-R Behavioral Health Services for Eddy County Detention Center

RFP 20-01 On-Call Engineering Services

RFP 20-02 Annual Audit Services

IFB 20-02 Morse Watchman Electric Key Watcher System

RFP 20-04 Landfill Engineering Services

IFB 20-03 N. 26th St. Roadway Rehabilitation

IFB 20-04 Law Enforcement Vehicles

IFB 20-05 Outfitting for Law Enforcement Vehicles

IFB 20-06 Hose, Ladder and Vehicle Pump Testing Services

RFP 20-05 Detention Center Pharmaceutical Services

RFP 20-06 Detention Center Nursing Services

 IFB 20-07 Red/Campbell Road Rehabilitation

IFB 20-25 Higby Hole RoadCID Crossings

RFP 20-08 Employee Vision Insurance

IFB 20-26 Carter Road 

IFB 20-28 Old Cavern Highway 

IFB 20-29 Black River Village Road Improvements

IFB 20-27 Southeast Loop CR-605 Refinery Road, Road Construction

IFB 21-01 Annual Construction Materials & Services

RFP 21-03 Economic Development Services

RFP 21-02 Detention Center Medical Services Director

RFP 21-04 Detention Center Meal Services

IFB 21-02 Vegetation Management for Eagle Draw Flood District

IFB 21-03 Excavation and Dirt Work for Eagle Draw Flood District

IFB 21-04 One or More Motor Grader(s)

IFB 21-05 One or More Wheel Loader(s)

IFB 21-06 One or More Pneumatic Tire and Single Drum Vibratory Roller(s)

IFB 21-07 One or More Tractor Truck(s)

IFB 21-08 One or More Bottom Dump Trailer(s)

IFB 21-09 One or More Skid Steer Loader(s) 

IFB 21-10 Demographic Analysis and Census Mapping Services

IFB 21-11 West Loop- Lea St. Thru Hackberry Draw