What is Auricular Acu-Detox?
It is acupuncture treatment for reducing cravings for alcohol and other drugs, cigarettes, sugar and other foods. It induces a sense of calm, reduces withdrawal symptoms, reduces anxiety, insomnia, stress, and depression, and is beneficial for relapse prevention.

We target five point in your ear which include the Shen-Men which is related to spirit, Liver which is related to anger, Kidney which is related to fear, Lung with is related to grief or loss, and the Sympathetic Nerve which is related to flight or fight.

It is a free service, although the DWI program requires that you obtain a Doctor's Referral prior to receiving the treatment.

If you would like to get detoxed please contact Cecilia at (575) 885-3328. Cell phone: (575) 200-9518.

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1. What is Auricular Acu-Detox?